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A Typical Day at Country Tails

8-10 am. Daycare and new overnight Dogs arrive and are placed into their groups in accordance with size and current level of socialization. It’s time to meet and greet some old and possibly new friends while the overnight visitors have breakfast.

10 -12am Time for outside fun, or inside, depending on the weather! Games, ball play, scent training and agility alongside the daily housekeeping duties of replenishing water bowls and collecting poop! Sunshine means we can get out the splash pools which provides endless entertainment for all.

12-2 pm lunch is served for those requiring a midday feed and its treats all round for the others followed by a well deserved relaxation break

2-3pm More games and lots of hugs and TLC as we head into the early afternoon

3-4pm. Indoor cleaning with the gang who love nothing more than chasing the hoover and mop!

4-6pm. Dogs are preparing for going home with most enjoying some well earned rest while the overnight visitors are relaxing after their evening meal.

6-9pm. Overnight visitors explore the garden and generally hang out exclusively with their human friends doing what humans do….. watching tv, sitting around the bbq, or trying to get a sip from a glass or two!!

9-10pm Back inside for some wind- down time, lazing on the couch or stretched out in front of the fire before bed

10pm bedtime snacks and zzz’sssss with low lighting and soft music.

Looking For A Bespoke Service?

Unlike traditional kennels where the canine visitor is confined to a kennel and run for a lot of the day, our visitors are treated to the ultimate home from home experience in a stress free, kennel free environment and have the freedom to socialise with other dogs of similar size throughout the day in our large secure garden, indoor and outdoor play areas with supervision on site 24/7

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Mary 0872176370

Denise 0868456774