Post Operative Rehabilitation

Occasionally, during a dog’s lifetime, it may undergo surgery which could require some level of post operative care and rehabilitation. This can take the form of periods of confinement, controlled exercise and /or the administration of regular medication.

Many pet owners faced with such prospects often become concerned that they will be unable to cope with the post op treatment and have called on us for assistance.

Over the years we have facilitated a number of customers whose dogs have undergone cruciate, joint and spinal surgery and work closely with all our local veterinary practices. Of course, having a veterinary nurse on site makes the job a whole lot easier!

While the care is extra special and demanding, the results are so positive and rewarding.

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Day Care  (8am – 6pm) Monday to Saturday

1 dog – €15:

2nd dog from same family- € 13

3rd dog from same family- € 12


1 dog: €22 per 24 hour period.

2nd dog from same family: €18 per 24 hour period.

Third and subsequent dog from same family: €15 per 24 hour period.

Discount will be given for dogs attending daycare 5 or more days in the same week. A loyalty system is in place giving 1 free day per 20 daycare visits.

Please note Saturday daycare is subject to availability.  There is no daycare service on Sundays

Cancellation Policy

Notice of intention to cancel a daycare day must be given by 6pm on the evening before the booked day to avoid full payment being charged.

Doggie Daycare

Learn, play and socialise in a supervised environment


Overnight Boarding

Kennel free, stress free boarding with all the comforts of home


Puppy Socialisation

Ideally suited to the 12 week + age group

€15/day/dog - Daycare
€22/24hrs/dog - Overnight

Senior Dog

Extra special care and attention for those in their senior years

€15/day/dog - Daycare
€22/24hrs/dog - Overnight

Post Operative Rehabilitation

Having surgery and worried about post operative rehab?

€15/day/dog - Daycare
€22/24hrs/dog - Overnight

Looking For A Bespoke Service?

Unlike traditional kennels where the canine visitor is confined to a kennel and run for a lot of the day, our visitors are treated to the ultimate home from home experience in a stress free, kennel free environment and have the freedom to socialise with other dogs of similar size throughout the day in our large secure garden, indoor and outdoor play areas with supervision on site 24/7

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